Andrew’s passion for storytelling began early during his childhood at family camping trips where he would put on skits. This carried over to YouTube sketches at family sleepovers until it fizzled out. His passion would reignite after recieving his first camera, a cheap silver Sanyo brand from Vietnam. The discovery of visual storytelling through photography would lead to the decision to pursue filmmaking as a career in high school.

Pursuing fine art photography and cinema, Andrew looks to explore our society and human relationships through intimate and personal moments. He looks to uncover human emotions and responses utilizing both analogue film and digital mediums. Andrew's work looks to foster conversation through bold, unique, and inclusive stories. As an Asian-American storyteller, Andrew looks to amplify voices within his own community and create spaces for unrepresented voices in front and behind the screen.

Andrew's previous work includes narrative films, documentary, and new media, portrait and editorial photography. On those projects, he's worked as a producer, director, cinematographer, photographer, camera assistant and colorist.

Andrew resides in Los Angeles working as a cinematographer and camera assistant and crafting portraits. He’s also an Academy Gold 2020 Alumni.

In his down time, he enjoys learning to cook, playing chess, reading and traveling.