Fascinated by Olivier’s fashion page that popped up on my Instagram feed, I reached out looking to do a shoot that incorporated his sense of fashion especially in a Los Angeles winter.

Opting for a natural look, we decided to get out of the studio and work at/around Olivier’s DTLA apartment. This idea was prompted by wanting to be in a space Olivier is comfortable, puts together his outfits, and the streets he walks in them. Utilizng mainly natural light and additional bounce, this shoot was stripped down to my workhouse camera set-up, a V-Flat and a light meter (may have used a pair of Quasars). Mostly spontaneous, this look book was crafted the night before and was kept mostly spontaneous to the moment and feeling.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II w/ 65mm F4 & 110mm F2.8
FILM: Kodak Porta 160, Porta 400, Ektachrome 100 & Ilford Super XP2.

Model: Olivier Brilliant (@je.suis.olivier)

Photographer: Andrew C. Phan
Lighting Assistant: Maggie Herr